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Kindling Splitter - Firewood Kindling - Kindling Cracker - Portable Wood Splitter - Firewood Kindling Splitter - Wood Splitter Tool

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At Strawbula, we believe that your satisfaction is our number one priority. Thats why we dont compromise quality and use only high-end materials and verified suppliers to ensure that we deliver only dream products. If you're not entirely pleased with your purchase for some reason, our customer care department has got you covered!

Why is this product for you?

Our unique set of log splitter and fire poker will split your fire logs into kindling in seconds. Easy to use, and more than necessary, safe, our wood splitting accessories are the perfect choice for those who love to be both efficient and without any hard work. The logging tools are definitely a must-have for any camping or household activities. Made of grade 20-steel that is more durable than cast iron, our fire poker, and black powder-coated firewood splitter are rust and wear-resistant. Equipped with easy-to-carry handles and a square frame at the bottom, it ensures easy transportation and relocation.

Some of the fantastic features of this product:

  • Top-quality Fire Poker and Kindling Splitter;
  • Made with 100% high-grade materials like carbon steel and 20-steel;
  • Safety as priority the blade on our product is sharp enough to split kindling for you. This is in accordance to the European safety standards;
  • Easy use, preventing unwanted injuries;
  • 29.1 inches Fire Pit Poker (Unlike some other fire pokers, ours is solid inside and not hollow for better durability);
  • Durable and reliable (solid inside and not hollow);
  • Black finish design;
  • 9.2 lbs weight;
  • Easy to transport;
  • Fine craft and beautiful design;
  • Practical and versatile.

Create the perfect fire kindling with our Firewood Splitter and Fire Poker Set by Strawbula!

Key Product Features
  • Safety Compliant: Splitting logs were never safer and more accessible than with our log splitter. Create firewood and kindlings efficiently with our easy cutting blades. The blade on our product complies with the European health safety and environmental protection standards (CE Certification).
  • Made to last: Our kindling cracker firewood splitter is made of grade 20 steel material. This durable and resilient material will pass the test of time and represent the most refined artistry and design. The blade is made of high carbon steel and promises a high wear resistance. Powder-coated surface: The wood chipper is coated with the latest technologies' help and it will resist rust for a longer time. Our 29.1 inches fire poker features solid steel inside and will resist bending and damage even due to intensive use.
  • Easy to carry and handle: One of our firewood wood splitter's best parts is that it comes with comfortable handles on top to firmly hold your grip and a square frame at the bottom that can easily transport kindling.
  • Our pledge: All our products check the highest quality standards so you can be sure that the fire pit poker and the kindling cracker are going to surpass your expectations. It comes packed with care in a compact box and it is super easy to install saving you time and energy.

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