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Involute Industries British Designer Spinning Gear Cufflinks for Men - Engineered in Britain from Aerospace Aluminium, Naval Brass & Stainless Steel

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Proudly Engineered in Britain using traditional production methods, and then machined from solid billets of custom manufactured metal -  17 individual components are hand assembled to form each cufflink (34 per pair). It is this precision manufacturing method that gives Involute cufflinks their distinct engineered feel, exceptional fit and finish, and the ability for each cufflinks gear to spin so quickly and to also mesh so precisely with each other.

These cufflinks are made from the finest, custom smelted, materials:

  • 6063-T6 Aerospace Aluminium (as used in the Royal Airforce's Typhoon Fighter Jets)
  • Unleaded C36000 Naval Brass (as used in missile components, and Royal Navy Ships)
  • 440 Surgical Stainless Steel (as used in surgical and precision instruments)

All of this combines to make a truly premium and durable product which will last you for years to come.

There is only one word we use to describe our attention to detail: obsessive. Every single component is subjected to its own multi-step finishing process which can include processes such as bead blasting, anodising and bright dipping. To ensure we meet our own rigorous standards, every single cufflink is hand assembled and tested in our class 10,000 clean rooms.

By using only the finest components, the gears in our cufflinks can can spin in excess of 20,000 RPM; thats 300 rotations every second, more than twice as fast as a NASCAR engine.

Strictly limited in production numbers, your individually serialised cufflinks will arrive in a padded, anodised, aluminium storage/travel case to ensure they can safely accompany you anywhere you desire.

Key Product Features
  • British Design
  • Exotic Materials
  • Exceptional Quality
  • All Metal Construction
  • Travel Case Included

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