INOX Cinnamon Bronze Lyric 20 Pc. Flatware Set (Serves 4)



INOX artisan’s this lovely pattern LYRIC from Italian inspiration is a classic flatware shape with a warm Cinnamon Bronze finish that looks current and elegant. Fashionably svelte and highly polished. Iona's slender, flowing shape is forged in stainless steel and mirror-finished for added sparkle.

LYRIC's ridged handles are lightly textured with a herringbone pattern, adding dimension and contrast to the flatware's clean-styled, mirror-finish heads. Rounded-handled flatware gets a great grip on casual dining, picnics, and kids' tables. A wide metal band makes the connection between basic flatware shapes and clear, shining Bronze handles.

The stainless steel flatware is artfully packaged in custom soft cotton cloth packaging to showcase and protect its unique design.

A five-piece place setting has a soup spoon, salad fork, dinner knife, dinner fork, and teaspoon at a multi-course meal that begins with hot soup. This pattern makes a bold statement, yet has a refined style of its own.


  • Luxe yet practical in Cinnamon Bronze finish.
  • Clean tapered handles of LYRIC have a modern profile.
  • Perfection, precision & touch of grace Flatware.
  • Dishwasher Safe on the top rack. But hand wash is recommended for long life. Avoid Lemon scented or Corrosive Detergents.
  • The handles are not so narrow that when held does not press uncomfortably into the palm.
  • Fork tines are symmetrical, the edges are rounded, perfectly tapered, and polished on all sides.
  • The knife blade features a curvaceous edge with a rounded blunt tip and possesses a good cutting edge.
  • Serving Spoons are deep enough to accommodate a good bite.

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