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Vasse Valley Hemp Seed Oil Capsules - 1000mg Softgels 2 x 120 Capsules - Omega 3, 6, 9

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Hemp Seed Oil Capsules: Your Daily Dose of Omega 3, 6 and 9

Take control of your health with Vasse Valley's Hemp Seed Oil Capsules. Cold-pressed from high-quality, Australian grown hemp seeds, the oil used in these capsules offers a host of health benefits, designed to seamlessly complement your pursuit of a balanced lifestyle. Forget side-effects associated with pharmaceuticals. Embrace the myriad of health benefits from this perfectly balanced omega supplement. 

Testimonial: "Since taking these capsules I rarely get sick and feel generally healthier. They've really boosted my immune system. Also, my hair is growing thicker and longer - a lovely, unexpected bonus." Sophia T

Key Features:

  • Rich Nutritional Profile: Loaded with essential fatty acids, including Omega 3, 6, and 9, vital for heart health, cognitive function, and overall well-being
  • Cold-Pressed for Purity: Employing a cold-press extraction method ensures our hemp seed oil maintains its natural properties and nutritional integrity, offering a premium supplement
  • Easy and Convenient: Designed for simplicity, our odorless and tasteless softgel capsules are easy to swallow.
  • Gluten-Free and Non-GMO: Tailored to meet various dietary needs, our product is gluten-free and non-GMO, ensuring safe consumption for those with specific dietary restrictions
  • Skin Health Support: Known for its skin-nourishing benefits, regular intake of hemp seed oil can contribute to maintaining healthy, radiant skin

Recommended Use: Take 2-4 capsules daily with food or as advised by your healthcare provider. Not suitable for vegans.

Size and Quantity: This offer is for 2 x bottles of 120 capsules, providing approximately 2 month's supply based on the recommended usage.

Embrace a healthier you with the natural benefits of Hemp Seed Oil Capsules!

Key Product Features
  • High-quality
  • cold-pressed hemp seed oil
  • Source of omega 3
  • 6 & 9
  • Australian-grown
  • Cold-pressed

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