Glute Bands - Heavy



  • Cotton and Latex Blend Material - Made from cotton and a latex bland material, these hip circles are ready to withstand body weight without the risk of breaking.
  • Non-roll Gripping Surface - The non-roll gripping surface ensures stability in any situation, zero worries about them slipping.
  • High Durability Design - Due to their design, they are extremely durable in any workout session, they won’t snap or get damaged.
  • 3 Different Resistance Levels - With the three unique resistance levels, you can have a workout session at any level of strength, making them perfect for both beginners and experienced gymnastics.
  • Take Them Anywhere - Due to their small footprint and easy to fold design, they are extremely portable, so feel free to take them wherever you go, especially with the included portable bag!
  • Variants - All bands are 15" in length and available in three different resistant levels (Light, Medium, Heavy).

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