Fovere Small Cremation Urn for Ashes. Keepsake Urn for Human Ashes. White & Silver Urn for Sharing Ashes. Pet Urn for Cats & Dogs. 50 Cu.In.




Keep your loved one close - You don't need to leave home to honor and respect to your beloved, you can do it every day, from the comfort of your home.

Display this keepsake urn with pride - The perfect tribute for your loved one, it can be displayed in your living area, bedroom or study as you would a decorative ornament. No-one will know it’s an urn unless tell them, preventing guests feeling uncomfortable.

Intimate tribute - Light a tea-light to reflect how their love and memory still burns bright in your heart. Ideal for quiet moments of reflection, prayer and meditation or as a wonderful celebration of life.

Share ashes with loved ones - This mini urn is ideal for splitting ashes among family members so you can all keep a token of their precious remains and remember them in private. Often purchased as a set of three or four urns.

Small 50 cubic inches - This urns soft design caters for babies, infants and children up to 50lbs as well as a keepsake to store a portion of adult ashes, suitable for both male and female.

Keep their ashes safe with confidence - Made to stand the test of time, hand cast from aluminum with a secure screw-top lid it protects
your beloveds’ ashes even if accidently knocked over or dropped.

Pet urn - Show your furry friend you loved them as much as they loved you. This ash urn is a popular choice as a cat urn, small dog urn or for other small pets.

Product Details:

Size: 5 inches x 5 inches x 5 inches

Capacity: 50 cubic inches

Weight: 1.5 Pounds

Material: Aluminum

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