Forest-grown Japanese Dried Shiitake DONKO, 25-42mm, 70g



Our Shiitake are cultivated 100% naturally outdoors on special sweet sap oak logs in Kyushu Japan recognized as the best tasting and textured. Moreover, our drying and packaging process keeps the moisture content to < 9% which enhances the Shiitake flavor and VitaminD content. Sugimoto Shiitake promotes 100% natural and sustainable cultivation using only carefully selected local cultivators. We also can provide Kosher and Organic Certification!

This shiitake mushroom is called “Donko”. It is harvested while it is still budding, producing a thicker and meatier mushroom, bite-size, 25-42mm.

  • Forest-grown shiitake mushroom
  • Kosher certification
  • Endorsed by famous Japanese chef Dr. Yukio Hattori and his show 'Iron Chef'
  • Sustainable cultivation methods
  • Grown in collaboration with 600+ local cultivators

Weight: 0.21

Height: 1.38

Width: 7.68

Length: 11.61

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