Flat Brim Snapback Hat

Title: Black / 3 Pack


Flat Brim Snapback Hats for You & the Team

  • A snapback hat is a type of baseball cap. The main difference between the two is that the snapback brim is flat rather than curved.
  • There are lots of ball caps out there. Snapbacks, like baseball hats, are usually made with 6 panels, while Dad Hats are most often made of 5 panels.
  • The snapback, as the name implies, also has an adjustable plastic snap in back, whereas Dad Hats usually have a metal non-adjustable closure.
  • Snapbacks are sporty, but also have a touch more attitude than Dad Hats.
  • With its straight, flat brim, a snapback hat is a classic choice for a logo.
  • A snapback hat isn’t just for dudes. The ladies can totally rock one too.
  • Wear a snapback with any casual clothing, including baggy jeans, t-shirts, and hoodies.
  • Snapbacks pair great with a pair of shades and a hipster jacket.
  • Anything that says ‘hip-hop’ works with a snapback hat.
  • Snapbacks can also be worn backward. Be sure to pair it with urban streetwear.
  • Cool sneakers are a must when you wear a snapback hat.
  • Snapbacks aren’t only for hipsters. They work with preppy clothes too, like a button-down shirt and chinos.
  • Snapbacks are handy to keep hair under control on a windy day.
  • They also make bedhead disappear.
  • A snapback hat offers a stylish way to keep the sun out of your eyes.
  • Wearing the snapback brim forward but with a slight tilt to add instant swagger to any style.
  • The higher you point the brim, the more edge you add to your look.
  • If you have longer hair, you can make a ponytail and pull it through the snapback closure.
  • To coordinate with your outfit, a neutral color like black, white or gray pairs best with patterned or bold clothes.
  • If your outfit is more subdued, you can go brighter with your hat color, like red. The main idea is to have the snapback hat complement your look and tie the outfit together.
  • With ten different color combinations to choose from, you’ll have no trouble finding one to complete your look.
  • The flat brim is ready and waiting for your custom designed silkscreen logo or embroidery.
  • Unisex with a plastic snap closure for a perfect fit, our snapback hats are durable and comfortable.

Our snapback hats come in 3-packs and 24-packs so you always have one handy, and plenty to share!

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