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Earthside Farms Sinful Delight 6-Pack - Keto Candied Nuts - Low Carb & Nutrient-Rich Trail Mix Snacks

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Experience the delightful and unique flavors of Keto Farms' assortment of delicious low-calorie snacks that you won't find anywhere else! Indulge in our candied pecans, cashew nuts, and toffee peanuts packed with fancy nuts coated with a satisfyingly crunchy texture and a range of irresistible dessert flavors that won't disrupt your diet. Life can get hectic, and that's where our Keto Farms nut snack packs shine as the on-the-go solution! 

Each order includes two packs of our mouthwatering maple candied pecans, butter toffee peanuts, and blueberry vanilla cashews, making them a family-friendly snack. Whether you're a kid or an adult, these maple nut goodies are satisfying and provide a quick energy boost during busy days. Craving your favorite candies and desserts? Our low-calorie snacks are the answer to your sweet tooth's dreams. You'll relish the rich maple flavor of our candied pecans, the buttery toffee taste of our peanuts, and the luscious candied cashews infused with real blueberries. 

Enjoy them guilt-free during movie nights or at the office when you need a little pick-me-up. Keto Farms' low-calorie snacks are a match made in heaven for those following a keto or low-carb diet, with less than 5g net carbs and under 160 calories per pack. Crafted from real natural ingredients, these would make a great salad topper as well. Keep a supply of these delectable snacks on hand; you never know when you'll need an energy boost. Stock up your pantry with our low-calorie candies or grab them as a quick and convenient snack whenever hunger strikes. Treat yourself to indulgence with Keto Farms' low-calorie keto diet snacks. Don't hesitate; to add the Keto Farms Keto Snack Packs to your cart today!





Key Product Features
  • SATISFY CANDY CRAVINGS. Keto friendly candied nuts trail mix snack packs are sugar-free coating individual trail mix packets 1-2g Net Carb
  • SWEET AND CRUNCHY. Power up high energy trail mix
  • our candied individual nuts snack packs offer a delicious and nutritious snack option for any occasion.
  • 3 FLAVORS variety nuts snack packs. Craving a sweet snack? Try all 3 sinfully delicious trail mix packs of pecans
  • peanuts
  • and almonds in our protein train mix variety of Blueberry Vanilla Cashews
  • Maple Candied Pecans
  • Butter Toffee Peanuts.
  • GRAB AND GO WITH EASE. Perfect for your busy lifestyle. Convenient trail mix snack packs individually to enjoy a tasty
  • healthy and guilt free snack anytime
  • anywhere. To Keep your snacks fresh
  • The trail mix snack packs are individually packed.
  • PORTION CONTROL. Enjoy 6 single-serve nuts mix snack packs so you can snack on your terms. Each nut pack is made with real food and naturally sweetened. Each trail mix snack packs has <2g Net Carb and less than 150 calories per pack.

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