Children FaceShields with Print 10 Pieces Bundle - 1 Piece per Design

Pack: 10


Our face shields have an adjustable head harness which ensures a comfortable fit for most head sizes. Optically transparent, distortion-free wrap around face shield. Face Shield headband foam holds shield away from the face. Vented for increased airflow, floats lightly on the forehead with no pressure on temples.

Our Face Shields aim to protect the wearer's entire face from hazards such as dust, splashes, spray, and saliva. The protective shield is comfortable to wear. Does not hurt the eyes and skin.

Clear Protective Face Shields are comfortable when worn, and can quickly be disinfected or cleaned. Face Shields are perfect for industries such as Food Service, Production Facilities, Dental Care Centres, Senior Assisted Living & Behavioral Centers, Correctional & Detention centers, Grocery, Retails, and much more.

  • Rimova focuses on affordable protection for sanitation, industrial and foodservice professionals.
  • Protects the crucial parts of your face.
  • The materials ensure an anti-fog Face shield for maximum visibility.
  • Comfortable, Durable, Quality Materials.
  • Easy to clean.

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