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Metavo Natural Metabolism Support | Control Sugar Cravings | Diabetes Support | Avocado Supplement | Vegan, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Zero Added Sugar | Keto Diet | 120 Capsules

by metavo
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avocado avob metavo metabolism blood sugar control

Here at Metavo, we believe in helping others achieve a well future. Our team of renowned scientists has developed a powerful bioactive AvoB that works at the cellular level to help support your metabolism and help you control your blood sugar levels. Our mission is to transform good trim through scientifically proven and evidence-based natural products that empower people to lead their best lives. All our products are sustainably manufactured following strict local and regional good agricultural practices (GAP).

Naturally Derived

  • All Natural
  • Plant Based
  • Gluten Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan
  • Backed by Science
metavo capsules boost metabolism

Natural Antioxidants

Metavo is made with high-quality freeze-dried avocado which packs in all of the superfood qualities of avocado including antioxidants, vitamin E, and fiber.

metavo metabolism boost and blood sugar control

Blood glucose control

Metavo also contains chromium, an essential mineral that helps in maintaining blood glucose levels. Suitable for pre-diabetics, type-1 diabetics, type-2 diabetics, and people with a family history of diabetes.

Metavo AvoB bioactive superfood boosts metabolism and helps maintain blood sugar levels

Metabolism Boost with AvoB

Metavo is the only dietary supplement on the market with AvoB, a powerful bioactive found only in rare freeze-dried avocados that targets the underlying cause of dysfunctional metabolism.

metavo avob and chromium
metavo vegan avocado capsules powder
metavo gluten free avocado capsules powder
metavo non gmo avocado capsules powder
metavo sulfite free avocado capsules powder
metavo metabolism booster and blood sugar control
metavo avob boost metabolism
Key Product Features
  • 🥑 SUPPORT METABOLISM: Combined with a healthy diet, these natural plant-based bioactive AvoB and chromium vegan capsules help boost your metabolism and curb cravings, aiding in fat and weight management, all while helping with chromium deficiency so that your body can better support glucose levels. Great for women and men
  • 🥑 EVERYDAY USE: Easy to swallow vegan capsules deliver a standardized dose of medicinal grade, non-GMO, bioactive AvoB derived from all natural dried avocados. This supplement helps support blood health and boost body's ability to metabolize nutrients. Each bottle contains a 30 day supply. Take 4 capsules once daily or 2 capsules twice daily.
  • 🥑 VEGAN AND KETO DIET FRIENDLY: Support your Vegan and KETO diet with one of nature's superfoods. Made with high quality freeze dried avocados, each serving is packed with superfood qualities of avocado including bioactive AvoB, antioxidants, carotenoids, vitamin E and fiber.
  • 🥑 OVER 8 YEARS OF RESEARCH: Nutritional scientists at the University of Guelph took 8 years to identify this powerful bioactive. Preclinical studies show that starting at 30 days of consistent use, AvoB helped reverse insulin resistance, and had positive metabolic effects.
  • 🥑 US 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Proudly manufactured in an FDA registered, inspected, and GMP-certified facility.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Not bad.. but.

So, I can't speak as to how much these are helping with any weight loss; I'm taking a massive amount of supplements and prescription medicines, which muddies the waters when it comes to evaluating their impact. What I can address is what I'm experiencing with them.

First thing first; they are not tiny pills, and the dose is 4 of them at a time. They ARE capsule bound, so they don't have a significant taste, but it you are supposed to take them with a good amount of water -- do it! If you don't, they have a chance of getting stuck in your throat, and, more likely, when the capsules dissolve, you may get a nasty feeling/upset stomach as a result of the large amount of the powder suddenly in your system. (I did, and it was specifically when I took these, and went away when I stopped.)

I ordered these for a simple reason; I love avocados and made them a part of my diet when I started doing Keto, but couldn't get them (reliably, and in good condition) year round, so I thought these would help prevent any significant change in my diet while I wasn't eating them. The addition of 4 large pills, plus the sudden sour stomach a little while after taking them (when the casing dissolves) has pushed me back to just eating Avocados or doing without.

Ernest Quinoa
The serving amount is ridiculous! Rip off, non returnable

Your requirement is 4 capsules a day, that means you will run out in 8 days and at $39 per container, that about $160 per month. even if its unopened this product is non-refundable. shame on them!

Jason C. Hilton
Nice supplement

I used the entire bottle of this supplement, and honestly don't feel the huge boost of energy some others have mentioned, however I do feel that it may have curbed my appetite at time. I didn't crave those binge snacks for random times and felt fuller faster when I was eating a meal. We will see as I take this more if I can tell more changes.

Consumer Reviewer
Activate Your Metabolism With Whole-Food Avocado

Metavo Metabolism capsules are a cut above your average, chromium-based glucose regulators. According to the manufacturer, it contains a unique, patented form of avocado, made from the whole fruit, without fillers or additives. I combine these with my whole food multivitamin, and have definitely noticed an improvement.

It's hard to describe, but it's like the avocado joins the other whole food concentrates and bolsters my metabolism, while feeding my body necessary nutrients it needs for optimum health. I used to have occasional cravings for sweet things, and those cravings have almost completely diminished. Can't give any anecdotal evidence to claim Metavo as a "weight loss" product, but I love it for adding avocado to my daily diet, since fresh avocado tends to brown very quickly in my fridge.

Seems to be helping so far

I recently gained back some weight I had lost and these seem to have helped to stop me from gaining more. I have also noticed I'm not craving food as much too so that is definitely helping. Hopefully I will continue to shed the excess pounds as I continue to take these.