3D Kinetic Festival Flow Ring (Silver)



BOLLEPO Flow Ring Kinetic 3D Spring Toy Sculpture Ring Game Toy Kids Boys Girl, Rave Accessories, Festival Accessories (Silver)

  • FLOW RING KINETIC 3D SPRING TOY– After the spinner trend, we give you the next hit of 2019. The 3D spring toy that drives the world crazy. Simple and sophisticated, fun and interactive toy fits both kids and adult, that will occupy you for hours.
  • TAKES YOU BACK TO YOUR CHILDHOOD – Are you tired of having your kid on his iPhone all the time? Do you feel like he needs to socialize more? That is what you need. We know that you want your kid to play with real toys and stop with the apps. That is why our FLOW RING is exactly for you. Fun and educational game that kids can (and most important) want to share
  • EASY PACKAGING – Our Flow Ring folds and becomes flat. Don’t forget your carrying bag that comes with it, making your life easier so you could carry it everywhere you go.
  • STRESS RELIEF - Our flow ring is perfect for kids/adults with special needs such as autism, ADD, ADHD, OCD, anxiety and more. We've received many feedbacks that the flow ring acts as a sensory toy when traveling up and down your arm. The soothing feel helps you relax, reduces stress calm anxiety.
  • BEAUTIFUL – you will see, once you look at it, you can’t stop. Our kinetic spring Flow Ring will hypnotize you to its beauty. Its special design makes it so unique. Watching your kid play our toy has never been so pleasant. 

Each Package Includes:

* 1 Flow Ring
* 1 Carrying Bag

Product Instructions: BOLLEPO FLOW RING is fun and interactive! You can put your hands through it and run it safely along your arms (bare arms work best) and pass them from arm to another, or one person to another just for fun or in a dance. Running it along a flexible tube (e.g. an extension cord) makes it look like a metallic soap bubble and is an intriguing way to observe interlocking strands of metal in motion.

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