Beard Oil Samples! 8 Oil Samples for $34.95!



Get all 8 beard oil samples and try what scent works for you the best.

Fear, not fellow manly gentlemen! If you are unsure what scent you'd like best for your beard oil selection and don't want to be tied to a 2-ounce bottle in case you don't like the scent, after all, our Beardy Goat has added samplers of our Premium Handmade Beard Oils for purchase. 

Our Premium Handmade Beard Oils are formulated with a mixture and combination of High-Quality Oils that are fundamental for maintaining a healthy grooming routine - perfect answer in helping regular bearded guys keeping their beard in Top Condition! 


A 1 dram bottle is just 0.13 fl. ounces which is still several uses of beard oil as a little goes a long way but it gives you enough to test out to see what scents you like best. These same scents are what we use in our beard balms as well so this will give you an idea of what you'd like best without a huge outlay of cash! 


• Keeps Skin Softened & Smooth

• Restores Damaged & Dry Hair

• Treats Split ends and Frizziness

• Moisturizes The Skin Under The Hair

• Stimulates Beard Growth

• Moisturizes Hair With No Leftover Residue

• Eliminates Itchy Skin


Beardy Goat’s Premium Handmade Beard Oils create a wonderful blend that moisturizes and conditions your beard and skin below plus helps to prevent ingrown hairs. Our beard grooming products are proudly made in the USA and made fresh at the time of order. We bottle each one fresh when ordered too so your product hasn't been gathering dust for months. Each bottle is created using top quality oils in a balanced blend that nourishes your beard and the skin under it! 


All Natural and No Animal Testing Ever! Our beard sample beard oils are affordable. Ready for shipping within 24 hours of purchase. 

You can buy them individually for $4.95 each or get all scents we currently offer for $34.95!

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