Beard Balm



Uses: To moisturize, protect, grow and provide a great scent with its combination of natural oils and essential oil blend.

Ingredients Beeswax, Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Coconut oil, Argon Oil, Jojoba Oil, Black Castor Oil, and other essential oil blends and natural oils

Beeswax Seals strands moisturize & promote hair growth while soothing scalp conditions

Shea Butter provides vitamins A and E, prevents breakage, and reduces scalp Irritation

Mango Butter is rich in vitamin A and E which helps to protect the skin from sun damage and delay the aging process

Argon Oil provides a high content of antioxidants and fatty acids, as well as vitamin E., Increases hair elasticity, and restores shine.

Black Castor Oil increases blood flow to the scalp supplying valuable nutrients from Ballywho hair products. It also thickens and rapidly increases hair growth.

Coconut Oil moisturizes hair, insecticide, adds shine, luster, and softens. Prevents Hair breakage/split ends

Jojoba Oil provides vitamins C,B,E, copper ,and Zinc. In other words, it replaces the natural oils (Sebum) that are stripped of you when performing your daily routine

“It's like butter baby”. Bally who beard balm provides that much need beeswax to lock those natural oils in your beard. To add, Shea Butter that’ll give your beard that softness and Coconut oil will give that luster and shine.

Warning: if a rash occurs discontinue use. Do not apply to children.

Keep in a cool, dark area away from sunlight and heat.

2OZ Jar

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