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Beach Smiles Notecards

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For the true beach lovers: those that love nothing more than turning off their phones, sticking their toes in the sand and letting the waves take their worries away... Whether you get to love the beach year-round or only a week at a time, this light-hearted set of beach notecards celebrates everything you love most about it especially the escape!

Use these cards as thank you notes after your retirement, to celebrate a beach-bound relocation or simply when youre dreaming of a relaxing day outside of the office. Slightly sentimental, these beach-themed cards are the perfect mix of inspiration and humor!

Notecards on bright white cardstock and white envelopes.
A2 size (4 3/8 x 5 envelope)

Each set has two of each card:

my inner compass points in one direction: the beach

Status: Chillin' on the beach
Mental State: happier than a seagull stealing a french fry

toes in the sand. margarita in hand. music in the air. salty waves in my hair. sunshine on my face. i found my place. waves taking worry away. how i'll always choose to spend my day.

I could go to work and spend the day looking through my email or I could go to the beach and spend the day searching the sand for seashells and the water for waves. Pass the sunblock.

I believe the ocean turns bad moods into good ones. I believe the waves wash away all concern and worry. I believe seashells hear fears and send them out to the sea. I believe toes in the sand provide comfort and grounding when finding one's way.

Write your secrets in the sand and trust them with a mermaid.


Evolutionare, LLC 2017


  • Heavy, Smooth Cardstock
  • 6 Designs per set

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