Arteasana Sereni-Tea | Organic Tea Anise Seed Lavender Flowers Calendula Petals



Arteasana is the culmination of years of learning and creativity. The name was inspired by the word Artisanal, which embodies the hand-made nature of our products. The blending, packaging, and sealing of our packets is a work of love and dedication. 

Fighting Inflammation and Boosting Immune System: tea leaves contain anti-oxidants to help defend your cells from harmful molecules.

  • Not only is the flavor just what you need at the end of a long day, but the natural aroma and ingredients of this all-organic tea promote much-needed sleep and muscle relaxation.
  • Anise seed, lavender flowers and calendula petals also make this blend the perfect culinary tea for making glazes, cookies, cakes and more!
  • A Healthier Alternative: a delicious yet calorie-free drink, tea is a great substitute for soda, juice, or other calorie-rich beverages.
  • All-Organic blend; Caffeine-free
  • Size: 1.2 oz loose-leaf tea (makes approx 15 cups) 

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