AMAZINESS Dartboard with Metal Tip Darts - Gather family and friends and encourage positive competition with this classic games with 14" dart board and Six Metal tipped darts

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Dartboard with Metal Tip Darts - Gather family and friends and encourage positive competition with this classic games with 14" dart board and Six Metal tipped darts

AMAZINESS Dartboard with Metal Tip Darts dartboard is once again pushing the boundaries of dartboard technology to another level.

The new wiring system of this professional-level bristle dartboard allows for 9mm2 extra scoring area in the doubles and 6mm2 extra scoring area in the trebles, with a 14% reduction in web surface area than the previous generation Blade 4 for higher scoring potential.

The Dynamic Sector Wires are 20% thinner and the Radial Wires are 10% thinner for the greatest scoring potential of any dartboard in history. The Blade 5 has optimized the razor wire angle, reducing the blades by 30 degrees to increase dart deflection in the scoring bed.

In addition to the thinnest wiring available, the Ultimate Tensile Strength (UTS) of the dynamic sector wire has been increased by 20% to ensure that dart points glide past the wire and into the scoring bed.

A new bullseye and 25 ring feature carbon diffusion technology for an ultra-hard surface and improved performance and durability.

The Blade 5 now features Rota-Lock, triple wheel lock-and-level system, creating perfect radial alignment and leveling and enabling easy rotation to increase the life of the board.

Product Features

?? THIS DARTBOARD will do that nicely with a 14" diameter dartboard and 6 metal tipped darts - 3 red and 3 green. Includes a heavy duty hook for hanging.

?? COMES PACKAGED in a clam shell so you can keep it from being worn out when you don't feel like playing. Seats neatly inside its shell that also protects it from daily wear tear. Also keeps it hidden to kids to avoid possible hazard

?? WIRING SYSTEM: the plates are equipped with a unique blade system. Blades are much thinner than wire and staple-free. A blade wire system offers a larger scoring surface and dramatically reduces bounce outs, allowing you to achieve higher scores and have a lot more fun. That is why all professionals prefer to play on tables with a blade system.

?? 14" BOARD: Professional and international tournament dart players use an 18 "Board. tables can not only be used in international competitions, but also enjoy growing popularity in pubs, clubs and at home. No matter if you are professional gamers, or just want to practice or play for fun, 18 "is the ideal size for you.

?? AFRICAN SISAL seems to be best for this board. The small fibers are extremely strong and less brittle, so when a dart penetrates the joint, the tip slides between the fibers and does not puncture them. Now when the DART is back out of the board, the fibers automatically reattach to their original position and no permanent hole remains. This makes Winmax - long lasting boards.

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