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AIRfeet SPORT O2 Active Arch Support Plantar Fasciitis, Fatigue, Foot Pain Impact Sports, S/ M/ L/ XL Blue/Black

by AIRfeet
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The AIRfeet Sport O2 insoles are made with athletes in mind. This feather light, air filled design will have you floating when competing. They are moveable and interchangeable in most footwear, simply slide them right over what is already in your shoes. The advanced layer of energy absorbing upper layer provides additional impact and rebound performance. 

  • DESIGNED FOR: The AIRfeet Sport O2 are designed for high impact court, field, or winter sports where performance and recovery are critical. These are also perfect for all impact sports, active sports, casual sports, walking sports, pro sports, college sports, and high school sports. 
  • SIZE RANGE: Men 13-15.5 Women 14.5-17
  • HOW-TO-WEAR: Simply slip the insoles right into your shoes or on top of your orthotic or existing insoles to experience an immediate change under your feet. Foam side up for anti-sock slip or down for daily on and off use. Use the perforated trim lines for a trim-to-fit option for the best fit inside of your shoe. NOTE: If shoe becomes slightly tight, removal of existing footbed is possible. 
  • PERFORMANCE & RECOVERY: The AIRfeet Sport O2 utilizes our advanced Upper Energy Absorbing Layer along with our Dynamic Active Arch Support Technology. These insoles are perfect for all moderate to active sports. 
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: AIRfeet strives to provide high-quality and effective products to our customers. We offer a 12 Month Unconditional Warranty on our AIRfeet Sport O2 insoles.

The AIRfeet Sport O2 Insoles Target: 

  • Hot Feet
  • Flat Feet
  • Back Pain 
  • Leg Fatigue 
  • Plantar Fasciitis 
  • Lactic Acid Relief
  • Foot/Ankle/Hip Pain 
  • Improving Circulation 
  • High Arch Discomfort

Benefits of the AIRfeet Sport O2 Insoles: 

  • Reversible for Smooth Fabric Side Up
  • Energy Absorbing Foam Upper
  • Fits Active Footwear
  • Excellent thermal properties
  • Wear with Flip Flops (patented Flip Flop Hole) 
  • Machine Washable
  • 12 Month Unconditional Warranty 

Your feet have approximately 20 muscles in them, and they sit stationary in a shoe all day. AIRfeet therapeutically stimulates those muscles with their Active Arch Support. That motion is a form of exercise which like all exercise, increases critical circulation. It is circulation that everyone should first focus on for a multitude of physical issues and discomforts. 

AIRfeet Life Changing shoe insoles use an Energy dispersing, Dynamic Active Arch Technology which disperses the impacting energy from the heel or ball of foot instead of trying to absorb it like other insoles. AIRfeet respond in micro-seconds to the slightest shift in motion creating a therapeutic result under your feet and up into your joints and legs. It is truly Life Changing. 

Revitalize those favorite pair of shoes or give a level of unmatched comfort to your rigid Orthotics by simply placing AIRfeet right on top. Stop wasting dollars with replacing and start enhancing!

AIRfeet are the only insole that ergonomically contours to the precise shape of your foot. No custom molding, no painful arch contours, no rigid plastic designs. Discomforts related to working, standing, walking, or playing are now targeted with this simple yet brilliant design. 

Key Product Features
  • Dynamic Active Arch Support
  • Energy Absorbing Upper Layer
  • Designed for High Impact Sports
  • Patented Flip Flop Hole
  • Improve Performance while Reducing Fatigue

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