60 Pack POLYESTER Bandanas

Title: Solid / 22 inches / White


Quality Polyester Plain Solid and Paisley Bandana

The comfort and style of a paisley bandana is undeniable. In today's fast paced world a paisley bandana can be your best friend. Take it around and you will really know just how versatile our polyester paisley bandanas can be. Paisley bandanas can be used for everything from a CDC approved face covering for protection from the elements to a simple rag and so much in between.

Hot outside? Tie our beautiful paisley bandana around your head for some much needed shade, or tie a paisley bandana in front of your face to prevent nasty sunburns and to look cool at the same time.

Our polyester paisley bandanas come in 22 inch or 27 inch square size and in various patterns. Worried that you can’t pull off a paisley bandana? Of course, you can! Our polyester paisley bandanas are unisex and are for all uses regardless of gender or age. Browse through our extensive collection of polyester paisley bandanas and pick the one that fits your style and expresses your unique creativity. Let our bandanna bring out your individuality!

Each of our polyester paisley bandanas is made

of excellent breathable material with our customers' satisfaction in mind to be comfortable and durable. You can use our paisley bandana in a variety of ways. There is no limit to what you can do with our amazing selection of polyester paisley bandanas.

Tie a knot around your head or use a paisley bandana as a bow or use it as a scarf or handkerchief. You can even fold up a paisley bandana and turn it into a bracelet or an anklet.

Feeling like a rebel? Fold up our paisley bandana and turn it into a beautiful and stylish choker or a necklace. Add a splash of color to your attire with a multi-use tool with our colorful paisley bandanas.

Tie a paisley bandana to your bag or backpack and then use it as a neck scarf or as earmuffs. Getting sick of wearing the same boring white mask every day? Why not cover it up with one of our polyester paisley bandanas? Be safe and exciting at the same time!

And the use of our paisley bandanas don't just end with you! Get some for your beloved pet as well, tie a dog bandana around your dog's neck to make it stand out at the park or use a bandanna to make a catnip pouch for you cat. Make your dog or cat a chew toy from your old paisley bandana.

Our paisley bandanas cater to all sorts of lifestyles and hobbies. Are you an outdoors person? When hiking, you can easily use our paisley bandana to strain water or as a bandage or if you break something as a makeshift sling or tourniquet. Have a picnic planned? Spread a paisley bandana out as a tablecloth at mealtime or as a napkin when eating at that same meal. When you are done just use one to clean up and dry dishes.

The best selling colors for the 60 pack of polyester bandanas are the: red bandana, green bandana, and navy blue bandana.


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