6 x Bruns Tool Holders with 1m Guide rail



Bruns Tool Holders are manufactured in Germany, from Heavy-duty Steel and Quality aluminum. 

  1. Each tool holder will hold 10Kg (22 lb) per tool holder
  2. The aluminum guide rail will hold up to 40 Kg (88 lb) the rail must be securely fixed to the wall, if a secure attachment can not be found a secure backing board will be required.
  3. The unique Bruns tool holder firmly grips almost any garden tool or appliance with an 0 to 50mm handle (0-2 inch)
  4. The Bruns Hooks snap into the aluminum rail and will slide along the guide rail 
  5. Each Hook will take up to 10 Kg (22 lb) suitable for power leads, wet weather gear and those tricky objects 

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