5014104 - Hollister Inc New Image Twopiece Shape-to-Fit Flat Formaflex Skin Barrier 2-1/4, Blue, 2-3/4 Flange Size




A Shape-to-Fit Skin Barrier can be stretched to the shape and size of the stoma.

This skin barrier does not require the use of scissors.

Confidence assured with the Floating Flange; provides utmost security with the patented locking system that audibly clicks into place.

Eliminates pressure on tender post operative abdomens with the exclusive Floating Flange.

Color Match: Blue.

Product Specifications:


Manufacturer #: 14104

Brand:  New Image FormaFlex

Manufacturer:  Hollister

Adhesive Type:  Adhesive Tape

Application: Skin Barrier

Barrier Shape:  Flat

Barrier Type; Shape to Fit, Extended Wear

Color: Beige

Flange Size: 2-3/4 Inch Flange

Opening Size; Up to 2-1/4 Inch Opening

System Match: Blue Code

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