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24" Wide Natural Rattan Webbing Roll for Caning Projects Pre - Woven Open Mesh for Caning Chair, Craft Cabinet and Furniture - Natural Rattan Hexagon Cane Webbing

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Discount Trends 24" Wide Natural Rattan Sheet, Hexagon Weave Cane Webbing, Rattan Furniture, Up Cycling Rattan Chair in various lengths. It is Natural Rattan, the color is brown (natural). This type of cane webbing is hand-woven by our women, not machine-woven, with small hole size. 

Our rattan cane is hand-woven, carefully, and meticulously crafted. Rattan is grown and exploited from the mountains in Vietnam, so rattan cane is a sustainable material. Currently, it is very popular in interior design, home decoration, it will make your space more luxurious. You can use the rattan material to make rattan chair, cane chair, rattan dining chair, rattan chairs for living room, rattan cabinet, high back wicker chair.

The rattan material is easy to cut with scissors, can be soaked in water for 20-30 minutes, it will be softer, easy to work with. Rattan is known to be a natural material that is easy to use to make your own. If you are a lover of natural products, like simplicity and sophistication, like to design your own furniture for your living space. You should try to DIY some items from Rattan Cane Webbing.

Key Product Features
  • Size and Color: Our rattan cane webbing sheet is 24 inches in width and available in various lengths: 36, 48, 60, and 120 inches. Our natural rattan mesh fabric doesn't fade.
  • 100% natural material. Our rattan cane webbing has no harmful chemicals. It's a standout all-natural material for your rattan chair, furniture feet or bamboo crafts.
  • Bigger is better. We offer a variety of sizes that will suit any caning rattan decor projects you may have. From a simple DIY macrame board to your divider paneling needs, we got you covered!
  • Multi-purpose Material: Rattan cane webbing is widely used in design because of its nature-inspired vibe. Level up your dining chair, lawn chair webbing, rattan cabinet, wicker chair, or rattan shelf.
  • Low maintenance: There’s no special care needed for our product. Work with ease and enjoy your caning projects using our natural rattan cane webbing roll.

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Dudley Fabio, (adudleyfabiojr)
Excellent product

Excellent product and service. Thanks