24" Wide, Natural Hexagon Weave Rattan Cane Webbing, Up Cycling Rattan Chair (24" x 300")



Welcome to see the Hexagon Weave Rattan Cane Webbing

This listing is for rattan cane 24" wide, NATURAL hexagonal type, hole diameter is 10mm, length in variation( BROWN color) (1ft=12"=30cm, 1"=2.54cm, 24"= 60cm)

Our rattan cane is hand-woven, carefully, and meticulously crafted. Rattan is grown and exploited from the mountains in Vietnam. They are natural so can be used to produce rattan baskets, rattan chairs, rattan cabinets, and other rattan furniture.

Currently, it is very popular in interior design, home decoration, it will make your space more luxurious.

Because cane webbing is a natural product, we do not use any chemicals. Before shipping, we will pack the webbing with newspaper and plastic to avoid the presence of steam.

Commitment to purchase satisfaction: With the desire to bring satisfaction when buying at our shop, if you are not satisfied with any problem, please contact us.

Thank you for your support!










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