Remain In Control On the Road & Avoid Unwanted Accidents!

Autobrain saves $1000s for drivers every year by reducing accidents, catching problems and alerting your before minor maintenance issues turn into costly damage and repairs.

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Stay Safe & Save Time with Autobrain

Autobrain is designed to be intuitive and easy to use for every type of driver. Mistakes happen, and can proactively avoided. Teen, senior, baby, and family safety modes keeps everyone protected and alerted when you least expect it.

1) Plug Device Into Car

Autobrain plugs in directly through your car's ODB2 port under the driver's side dashboard.

2) Create Your Account

Download our app on the Apple Store and Google Play Store, then create your account.

3) Start Driving Safer

Hit the road with confidence and get real-time alerts before a minor issue becomes an expensive repair bill.

We Let Our Customers Do the Talking

Great product let's me know how my daughter drives and any problems with he car. Just tonight she hit a stray dog she called and was upset and couldn't tell me exactly where she was and I was able to find her with the map.

- Patrick

This device works really well for the amount of money I was surprised. But I caught my wife cheating on accident. Now we are getting a divorce.. but.. hey.. at least now I know she was in love with my brother and not me.. saves me a lot of money.

- Ray

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