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Smart Tape Measure for Body 

The Bagel Pie Smart Tape Measure is the first easy read tape measure with an app. The app tracks your progress conveniently. Research suggests measurements represent body fat more accurately than weight. Measuring waist circumference emphasizes body composition. Fat stored in the belly is an indicator of health. The Bagel Pie Smart Body Tape Measure calculates the waist-to-hip ratio. 

The fat distribution offers a complete picture of health. The scale isn't an accurate form of measurement. Muscle mass and other factors can tip the scales. Measuring the waist provides the most reliable measurement of body fat. The Bagel Smart Tape Measure App records your measurements. It stores measurements for biceps, bust, waist, hips, and thighs. 

The app will show you progress and change over time. Accountability is the key to maintaining your health. The retractable tape and locking mechanism measure your body. This design provides an accurate reading for hard to reach places. The soft, thin design is more pliable than a standard measuring tape. 

The tape has been carefully designed to be accurate. Bagel Pie Body Tape Measure Easily track changes in body composition. The Bagel Labs Smart Tape Measure for Body Measurements logs your stats directly into the app so you can track your progress effortlessly. Body composition is the most accurate way of gauging the changes in your body. Measurement is a more reliable method of recognizing your accomplishments than the scale. We've all heard that muscle weighs more than fat! If you're working hard and your scale isn't reflecting the results, don't be discouraged! 

Track what really matters and let the Bagel Labs Pie Measurement App assist you on your journey. Read less Pie Body Tape Pie: Mobile App The Pie Body Measuring App records measurements easily and saves your info for comparison. Measure your chest, waist, shoulders, thighs, biceps, and more. Whether you're trying to lose weight, tone up, or gain muscle, these critical measurement points will help you stay on track on your fitness path. 

The Bagel Pie Measuring Tape Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How accurate is PIE? 

A: PIE is accurate within ±1mm at any condition. 

Q: What is the fastening gear? When do I use it? 

A: The fastening gear helps you adjust the tape to a snug fit. When you are measuring body sizes, you should fasten the tape only to the level where your skin is not pressed in by the tape. 

Q: What is the measurement range of PIE? 

A: With PIE, you can measure up to 59 inches or 1.5 m

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