LogOX LOX-1001 Ergonomic Hollow Steel Log Hauler and 21 Inch Cant Hook, Orange



LogOX Hauler

You'll greatly reduce painful back strain and increase your productivity instantly with the LogOX Hauler! 

The patented LogOX Hauler is scientifically proven to make tree work faster, safer, and easier with its back-saving ergonomic design and amazing versatility. This revolutionary design allows you to engage, lift, and move log rounds without bending over. You'll greatly reduce painful back strain and increase your productivity instantly with the LogOX Hauler!

The LogOX Hauler was proven in a Fairfield University School of Engineering study, published in the October 2019 Journal of Innovative Ideas in Engineering and Technology (JIIET), to greatly reduce strain on the back, quadriceps, and biceps by up to 93%, 86% and 79% respectively.

LogOX Hauler - Quickly lift log rounds from the ground and move them without having to bend over, use clumsy log tongs, or swing a sharp pulp hook/pickaroon. The Hauler can grip and lift as large a log diameter as you could normally, while keeping your body upright. 

21" Cant Hook - After making stove length 3/4 partial chainsaw cuts along the length of the log, use the LogOX to roll it over and complete them. This significantly reduces the risk of chain damage, dangerous kickbacks, and bar pinch. Also useful for positioning logs on firewood processor racks and portable sawmills.


Additional Features:

  • Brush and Tree Debris Hauler - Consolidate treetops or multiple branches together with the Hauler’s hook, before dragging them off to a central location.
  • The Hauler also helps put some distance between your hands and the potentially dangerous snakes, spiders, and other critters who may be hidden in brush and woodpiles.
  • Easily pick up stove length log rounds without bending over. Carry them balanced by your side in either hand, with a clear view of the path ahead.
  •  The Hauler greatly assists with a horizontal log splitter or dragging larger log rounds to a vertical splitter, all while keeping your hands safely away from the moving block and wedge.
  • The wide beveled base and laser-cut steel hook combine for an aggressive bite and very stable grip on the log while rolling and lifting it.
  • The Hauler is the base platform for the LogOX 3-in-1 Forestry Multi Tool. Adding the LogOX cant handle and timberjack attachments (sold separately) creates a force-multiplying system.
  • Weighs 6.0 lbs. with a Hi-Vis orange powder coat finish.
  •  Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty against defects.  
 Proudly Made in USA.

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