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Natural Exfoliating Loofah Sponge, Egyption Body Scrubber (3 Pack), Biodegradable Shower luffa Pad

by Joory
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  • LATHER AND LUXURIATE with Joory Exfoliating Loofah Body Scrubbers for use in shower or bath. Palm-sized bath sponges gently loosen and whisk away dead cells while clearing dirt from pores and skin. Emerge from your shower with clean, soft, and radiant-looking skin.
  • 3-PACK BATH LOOFAHS are durably constructed with anti-fray edge tapes, convenient palm straps, and soft cotton backing pads. Each oval bath sponge measures 6.7” x 5”, thoughtfully sized so that both men and women can wash their bodies with fewer passes.
  • 100% EGYPTIAN LOOFAH is natural and untreated with chemicals or bleaching agents. Eco-friendly loofah is the non-irritating alternative to petroleum-based plastic shower scrubbers for the body. They promote skin moisturization to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • BUFF AND BEAUTIFY as you bathe with Joory Body Loofah Shower Sponges for women and men. In addition to stimulating circulation and lifting away dirt and makeup. They enhance your skin’s receptivity to moisturizers, serums, body lotions, and other beauty products.
  • TRAVEL-FRIENDLY shower loofah bath scrubbers for women and men come with their own drawstring carry bag. Maintain your skin care regimen at home, at the gym, and while on vacation. Joory Biodegradable Sponges are essential bath & bathing accessories for women and men.

Egyptian Loofah

The natural & untreated loofah is made with a non-irritating alternative to petroleum-based plastic shower scrubber for the body. It helps in moisturizing skin and works wonders on dull skin.

Buff & Beautify

The loofah helps in managing circulation and lifts away dirt & makeup. The loofah helps enhance skin's receptivity to moisturizers, serums, body lotions & other beauty essentials.


Maintain your skincare regime anywhere you go. This compact, travel-friendly loofah allows you to take care of your skin whether at home, at the gym, or while you're away enjoying a vacation.