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Explore. Grow. Yoga.

I created genYOUine in hopes of bringing a greater love of self and of earth into the yoga world. Since I was young, I have been enthralled by the outdoors and kept my body moving and active while enjoying nature. When I moved to the city, yoga seemed so interesting... but it was so intimidating! Incredibly thin and flexible people dominated the classes I attended and always made me feel inadequate. Through the twisting and turning of life, though, I found myself in Rishikesh, India, the birthplace of yoga, and began my teacher training course. I slowly began to build my skills and was introduced to cork yoga mats, something that everyone there seemed to know about!  As I started practicing on the cork mats, I was amazed at how much deeper I could settle into my poses and how much more stable I felt in my movements. Previously I had used all different sorts of mats and had been so frustrated by the constant repositioning I had to do to stay put. It seemed like whenever I got a little sweaty; I would slip all over the place. But not with the cork mats... 

And hence, genYOUine was born! A company that is here to make yoga doable for EVERYONE! A company that is not only socially but environmentally friendly. Based on principles of individuality, adventure, growth, and transparency, we aim to create a community where business brings good into the world. A world where people can explore, better themselves, and be completely happy in what makes them genYOUine.